Tawny Mining Bee - Andrena fulva

07th April 2012
Having said in a previous BLOG post that the Ashy Mining Bee (Andrena cineraria) is one of the most obvious and easily-recognised of all our solitary bees; the Tawny Mining Bee (Andrena fulva) must be one of the others. This is no doubt reflected in them both having common names. Most mining bees do not.

This female feeding on blossom, shows the typical and attractive bright foxy-red colouration. The males are smaller and slimmer and covered in less dense orangey/brown hair. They also have a pronounced tuft of white hairs like a moustache, on the lower face.

Andrena fulva appears in the Spring and is on the wing from early April to early June. They are particularly attracted to the blossom of fruit trees.

Definitely one to look out for!

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