I'm Ed Phillips, a Staffordshire-based photographer. Since my teens I've had an interest in watching and studying Britain's wildlife and natural history, particularly birds and insects. Most of all, I enjoy insect macro photography.

Having worked as a microbiologist and parasitologist earlier in my career, I'm always keen to attempt a proper identification of the insects that I photograph. As a photographer though, my tendency is to try for a good or interesting "shot", rather than one aimed at capturing the key features. Even for an experienced entomologist (which I'm not!), identification from a photograph can be challenging; often impossible.

With my developing interest in Britain's bees and wasps too, it has become apparent that I had a lot to learn. Over time, I plan to record my learning "journey", illustrated with my images and with information that I've learned about my photographic "subjects". Hopefully, apart from helping me to learn, this might also serve as a resource for others who are also struggling!

See my latest uploaded images here. For all my uploaded images, go to the Image Gallery. Click here for details of my recent success in the British Wildlife Photography Awards - 2013.

With Many Thanks
My thanks and appreciation to Steven Falk, Buglife and the Flickr, BWARS, Dipterists Forum and iSpot communities (and many others), for encouragement and assistance with technique and identification.

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