Solitary Bees

Most people know about honey bees and bumblebees, but little about solitary bees. We have nearly 30 types of bumblebee in the UK and one honeybee, but well over 200 types of solitary bee.

Honeybees and bumblebees are “social” insects in that a queen starts a nest and her female offspring (workers) keep it supplied with food. Solitary bees are different, as the female may make several nests; typically holes in the ground, in old walls or in wood, and will never see her offspring.
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Andrena - Mining Bees portfolio
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Anthophora Bees portfolio
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Anthidium -Wool-carder Bee portfolio
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Chelostoma - Carpenter Bees portfolio
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Colletes Bees portfolio
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Halictus - Mining Bees portfolio
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Hylaeus - White-faced or Yellow-faced Bees portfolio
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Lasioglossum - Mining Bees portfolio
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Megachile Leaf-cutter Bees portfolio
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Osmia Bees portfolio